Feeding & Swallowing

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Publication: Videofluoroscopic Swallow Study (VFSS) Performance in Infancy in Children Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy: Airway Protection Patterns and Correlations/Infant VFSS of Children with Cerebral Palsy

Amit Narawane B.S., B.A.1, Christina Rappazzo CCC-SLP2, Jean Hawney CCC-SLP2, James Eng M.D.3, Julina Ongkasuwan M.D.3,4

Pending Publication: Vocal Fold Movement and Silent Aspiration After Congenital Heart Surgery 

Amit Narawane B.S., B.A.1, Christina Rappazzo CCC-SLP BCS-S2, Jean Hawney CCC-SLP2, Hallie Clason CCC-SLP2, Dantin J Roddy, M.D.3,4, Julina Ongkasuwan M.D.5,6

Texas Speech-Hearing Association 2020 Convention: My Heart Will Go On: Continuum of Dysphagia Management in Children with Congenital Heart Defects.